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Learn about our passion for designing unique and modern Arabic calligraphy art and home decor. One would look at ancient Islamic monuments, only to find words written in beautiful handwriting and exquisite Islamic decoration. Filling the palaces, mosques, and schools are walls and ceilings exhibiting Islamic slogans and verses from the Quran, written beautifully to commensurate with its place and purpose. It has also filled pendants, lanterns, pottery, copper and bronze pots, chests, wooden doors, as well as gold coins, surgical machines, and various weapons such as armor, swords, arrows and spears. Muslims have ornamented their first use of guns and cannons with verses from the Quran for victory blessings, first and foremost, and secondly for its decoration and beauty.

Arabic Calligraphy is considered to be one of the most important fine arts that have characterized the Islamic civilization. It is an art that historically and currently attracts travelers, artists, and writers from all over the world, satisfying what once bewildered them in the calligraphy found in the mosques, decorations, and in the Quran.

Arabic Calligraphy is a science and an art; a science because of how the calligrapher depends on geometry, trigonometry, and mathematics when developing its valuable drawings and paintings. It is completely illustrated through an engineering drawing, prior to its execution, developing its metrics and ratios similar to how an architect would demonstrate his work before building.
It is an art because the calligrapher would invest his imagination and his artistic efforts in each letter he designs, rather than just designing for the purpose of delivery. Muslim artists have laid out their artistic energies and intelligence to express their emotions through calligraphy. That being said, senior Muslim calligraphers are of no less of importance than Europe's top painters such as Da Vinci, Raphael, and Picasso. Even though they are far less famous from these painters, the art of calligraphy is far more difficult than the art of painting, because it is an abstract form of art.

Arabic Calligraphy is naturally beautiful, not only from our point of view, but also from the consensus of writers, artists and European orientalists. Many who have converted to Islam have described that their conversion was primarily due to their fascination with Arabic calligraphy, which led them to study it and learn more about the meaning behind it.

The purpose of reviving this art and its dissemination is to be able to add beauty to all places with joy and comfort; we “Areeq”, have studied and specialized in this art, and have decided to share this ancient art with the world symbolizing the Arabic and Islamic beauty. Driven by creativity and an artistic spirit, we offer an art that can form an intrinsic part of our feelings. Our appreciation for art, poetry, and the Quran, incorporated with background paintings, portrays the Islamic civilization, modern heritage, and tradition that are still standing till today, representing the legitimacy and magnificence of this civilization.